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What is DK64 Randomizer?

Experience DK64 like you never have before! Change up where the loading zones take you, where moves are purchased and even the difficulty of the game! Built-in game logic ensures every generated game is beatable and every item is reachable. Check out the video for an introduction to the new features within DK64 Randomizer Version 3.0 brought to you by some of the developers.

Feature List

DK64 Randomizer features tons of features that change up the game! A few of the features include:

  • Loading Zone Randomizer
  • Kong Starter and Location Randomizer
  • Move and Shop Price Randomizer
  • Bonus Barrel Game Randomizer
  • Enemy Randomizer
  • B Locker and Troff n Scoff Amount Randomizer
  • Difficulty Modifiers

And much more!

Full Feature List


The NTSC-U version of the game (the US release) is the compatible DK64 version for DK64 Randomizer. The NTSC-J (Japan) and PAL (Europe) versions of the game are incompatible. The following are the supported platforms:

  • Most Nintendo 64 Flashcarts
  • Wii U VC inject
  • Bizhawk DK64 Fork
  • Project 64 Version 3.0 or above

Other platforms may be compatible but are not supported at this time. Check out the video for setting up DK64 Randomizer.

Wiki Version of Setup


Interested in contributing various features to DK64 randomizer? Want to run DK64 randomizer locally? Just want to check out the inner workings? The DK64 Randomizer project is open source and is available for view on Github!

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The DK64 Randomizer Discord server is available to talk about DK64 Randomizer with other players! Share your playthrough, get help, and talk about strategies and tricks!

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